OB-FIT is a multivitamin food supplement specially formulated for pregnant women. It contains the essential multivitamins plus folic acid, iron and zinc necessary for your health and for the normal development of the child.

OB-FIT supplements your body with the Required Energy Nutrient Intake/ Recommended daily Intake specifically for the second trimester of pregnancy.

Each Capsule contains the following nutrients.

NUTRIENTS                                                              CONTENTS                           % RENI/RDI
VITAMIN A   Acetate 800 mcg 100%
VITAMIN D3 6.67 mcg 133.33%
VITAMIN B1 2 mg 142.86%
VITAMIN B2 2.5mg  147.06%
VITAMIN B6 2.8 mg 147.37%
FOLIC ACID 600 mg 100%
VITAMIN B 12 3.9 mcg 150%
VITAMIN C (as sodium asorbate) 120 mg 150%
ZINC (as sulfate)  6.9 mg 104.54%
ELEMENTAL IRON (as ferrous fumarate) 35.7 mg 105%


Recommended Dosage:
One capsule per day or as recommended by your health practitioner.

AVAILABILITY: Box of 30 capsules in blister.